Advertising and Marketing in the social media age

The digital age has progressively blurred the boundaries between advertising and marketing, at least in a traditional sense. Many people swear by the power of social media in getting the message across, but it needs to be used cautiously for advertising purposes. With the advent of search engine marketing and display advertisements, many digital marketers are operating in an online ad space and currently, it’s the most preferred and popular platform for combining advertising and marketing together to reach maximum customers. But this has also given rise to a pushy; more immediate-call-to-action form of advertising that might lead to abuse, mistrust and annoyance arising from the customer’s side in the long run.

To avoid the pitfalls of this, the marketer needs to understand what the customers really want and choose the correct strategy for advertising and marketing. The marketer needs to decide if he or she wants to organically grow an audience with smart, clever and engaging content oriented advertising or the marketer just wants to inundate and annoy the customers with flashy gimmicks.

In order to decide the marketer must also have his or her finger on the pulse of the market, latest trends and most importantly, the target audience themselves. Do they require a digital-only marketing plan or does it have to be holistically blended with traditional forms for maximum impact? Most digital marketers get swept up by trends, but at Kairo5 Marcom, we try to have a full-scale marketing strategy which combines social media with print and television and other traditional forms, seamlessly, to reach, build and develop our client’s brand, holistically. The trick some marketers are missing is by over utilizing and not optimizing their strategies to get the best results and we try to keep it simple.

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