Advantages of Digital marketing

The world has moved on and so the advertising and marketing techniques. From the old methods of print and television, the most efficient ways are now shifted over to internet. With more and more people going tech savvy and increased usage of internet, the best and most convenient way to market you is surely digital. Here are eight reasons why digital advertising has an edge over traditional marketing

It’s cost effective:

For businesses with low marketing budgets, digital marketing is a more convenient way to advertise them in the market. Even for big organizations, the shift of budgets from offline to digital has proved more efficient. More than 57% people claim a considerable amount of savings due to shift in marketing budgets to digital platforms.

Easy to calculate results:

The online form of advertising has a boon i.e. every action is countable and measureable in figures. No one can calculate the number of eyeballs that viewed the hoarding but each and every eyeball that sees an advertisement on digital platform is measured and further help in improvisation of the campaign.

Your customers are present there:

It is rightly said that you have to be where your customers are going. And what could be a better place than online platforms. With more than 28% (and still counting) of Indian population having access to internet, digital platforms are surely the best way to market yourself.

Specific targeting makes it relevant:

Another prime feature of digital marketing is targeting and placements. Advertise only to specific audience whom you want your ad to be shown. A perfect segregation of most potential class of customers can be made and ads can be displayed only to them. It’s good that your budgets are utilized in the most favorable targets of your business. Targeting right kind of people will surely deliver right kind of results.

You can be more interactive:

With variety of ad formats available in the digital marketing world, you can be more interactive with your audience and make them see what actually interests them. Interesting Videos, animated GIF’s and attractive visuals are the tools that will make your online presence more interactive.

Quick and easy response:

With various forms of interaction available on digital platforms, it is really easy to respond to the queries received. Also the response time gets reduced as people are mostly online with mobile device and are connected everywhere and anywhere resulting in the real time interaction facility.

More efficient tactics:

Through digital marketing, various tactics can be used to engage the audience. With involvement of various means like funnel creation etc, the customer can be taken over to a step by step journey further leading to conversion.

Your competitors are present there:

And lastly, in this era of cut throat competition, you cannot overlook the presence of your competitors. A competitor having an online presence is surely a step ahead of you and the audience knows them better than you.


And we bet the list is not exhaustive but the above mentioned points are the key to understand why digital marketing for your business in necessary. With a lack of online presence, you may surely be losing a good strength of customers and obviously the connection and relation with them.

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